Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma lays the City of Harrah, a rural municipality in the shadow of Oklahoma City.  There are currently an estimated 7,258 citizens who live within the 22.5 square miles of city limits within Oklahoma County. An annual 15% growth rate means that more residents are joining the community to enjoy the close proximity to a large city but with a small-town feel.

Packed into this tight-knit community, five schools consisting of a total of 2,200 students of make up the entirely of the Harrah School District. During the various sports seasons, Panther Pride is only surpassed by the bright stadium lights of the new multi-sports complex as the cheers for the hometown heroes echo across the fields.  Spiritual wellness is also a pivotal part of the community as 14 beloved churches welcome new members and support generations through all stages of life.

Along the main road of the city are acres of land for the sole purpose of increasing the quality of family life. This community-based property is a parcel of reclaimed land named, Heritage Park.  This park hosts several large local events throughout the year focusing on family and community.  Walking trails and fitness stations surround a pond, amphitheater, basketball court, pavilion, and a splash pad for children of all ages to cool off-during the midsummer heatwave.

Harrah, Oklahoma